Ester Pineda

Concert Fête de la Musique Samedi 23 juin 2018

Eglise Saint Germain

Rue des Granges 11


Ester Pineda

WHAT’S ON: Prix spécial du jury au festival "Les chercheurs font leur cinéma"

Directed by Ester Pineda

Prix du Jury 2017 au festival "Les chercheurs font leur cinéma"

Friday 15yh June 6 pm


Ester Pineda

Ester Pineda plays Mompou

“The mission of my music is to reach the profound depths of our soul and the secret regions of our spirit.” (F. Mompou)
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Frederic Mompou’s death, one of the greatest Spanish composers, Ester Pineda gives us with this new CD, an inspired version, full of poetry and deep emotion.

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